Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frustrated and Feeling Guilty

Every time I think that I've got a schedule figured out Jayden changes it all around. He has been taking two naps a day for the last several months now. Then, then sometime last week he started taking his morning nap and then refusing to take an afternoon nap for 3 days straight. Since I would rather him take an afternoon nap and not be a terror in the evening I started skipping his morning nap and laying him down after lunch for an afternoon nap. We did that for 4 or 5 days and it worked fine except that he spent half the morning rubbing his eyes and whining because he was so tired. So 2 days ago I started putting him down for his morning nap 2 hours after he wakes up in the morning and then for an afternoon nap about 3 hours after he wakes up from the first nap. This is pretty much what we were doing before and it has worked just fine for the last 2 days. Today he woke up at 7:00 a.m. so I put him down for a nap at 9:00. He slept until about 10:45 (which is normal...he usually sleeps for about 1 hr 30 mins each nap). We had plans to go to lunch with Ashley so she showed up at 11:00 and we went to eat Mexican (yummy). Jayden had a great time talking to the waitress & playing with Ashley. We got back to the house around 12:45 and played for a while. I could tell that he was getting sleepy again because he was walking in circles & rubbing his eyes. Even Ashley pointed out that he looked like he was tired so I know I'm not crazy. She left and I layed him down for a nap at 1:45....and he refused to go to sleep!! I left him in there for about 15 minutes & then went in to check on him and he had pooped. I changed his diaper & then went in 2 more times after that to try to rock him to sleep and nothing worked. So I finally just layed him in the bed & decided that he would have to lay there until 4:00. At 10 minutes to 4:00 he is perfectly silent & I look at him on the monitor and he is sound asleep. Which means that as of right now he has been in his bed for over 3 hours! It's not like he was crying, just talking and playing, but I still feel guilty that he has been in there by himself for so long. And now it is almost 5:00 and he is still sleeping and I don't want him to be up late tonight!! Trying to figure out his schedule is so frustrating!! He actually just woke up though so....

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