Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends through a fence

I started this blog back in June and haven't written anything since. I am really going to do better! We are expecting a baby boy, Brody Clay, in mid-May. This pregnancy has flown by so quickly! I have eight weeks left before I can see my new little man and I am so ready! I'm not sure how excited Jayden will be about his little brother at first but I am sure that they will love each other and be great friends eventually.

Jayden made a new friend today. We have a new play set in the backyard and he has wanted to spend all of his time out there the past few days. We went out this morning and he played for a while and the whole time Miguel, the little boy from next door, was trying his hardest to get Jayden's attention. Finally, Jayden noticed the dog in his yard and went over to the fence. They talked and played with the fence between them for almost an hour and then we came inside for lunch and a nap. We went back out when Jayden woke up and they played for another hour and a half. They were passing toys through the fence and being so nice to each other. Miguel is four and seems to be very patient with Jayden. I could hear him telling Jayden that "Birds have to eat worms. Birds will die if they don't eat worms." to which Jayden responded with a big "Uh-HUH". They were too cute! Jason had to work tonight so Jayden and I went out to dinner so that he could take a nap. We went to Mellow Mushroom and split a calzone and Jayden was just so sweet the whole time. He didn't have any meltdowns and gave me lots of lovin'. When we were almost ready to go he put his hands on my cheeks and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. That's the kind of moment that I want to hold onto forever! When I told him it was time to go he started telling the whole restaurant bye-bye. There was a girl cleaning off the table next to us and she said "bye-bye" back to him and he blew her a kiss. He's a flirt already!

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