Friday, March 27, 2009

Seven Weeks and Counting

I am 33 weeks today and feeling miserable. I thought this time around would be easier because I thought that since I have been through labor before I wouldn't have any of the "is this it??" worries. Last night I seriously considered going to the emergency room because I felt like I was having contractions for over an hour. They didn't feel like braxton hicks contractions to me. My stomach would get tight and I would have pain that spread from my back all the way around to my pelvic area. That's what REAL labor pains felt like with Jayden. The contractions last night didn't hurt nearly as bad as when I was in labor with Jayden but they still hurt enough to wake me up from sleep a few times. I don't want to have my baby 7 weeks early (and I'm sure I won't)! It's just scary and frustrating because I thought it would be easier this time.

On a separate note, I'm going to brag about Jayden a little bit. He is getting so smart! Here are a few things he can do:
Sing his ABC's (pretty accurately and in tune!)
Count to 13
Identify the colors Blue, Green, Red, Orange and Purple
He has memorized several of his books (Goodnight Moon is one of them and he has to find the mouse on each page)
I'm so proud to have such a sweet, smart boy!

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Molly said...

His Grammy is proud of him, too. I know when little Brody gets here I will have a double dose of grandparent pride.