Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ka-chow, Ka-chow!

Jayden seems to be growing up overnight. First the potty and now a "big boy bed"! While we were on vacation in Florida (I'll post about that trip later) he climbed out of his pack and play one morning and was so proud that he "got out by myself!!". He didn't climb out again until yesterday at nap time. I heard him when he woke up and went in to get him a few minutes later and he was already standing on the floor. Then he wanted me to put him in his crib so that he could climb back out by himself over and over. I had already been thinking about switching him to a toddler bed so we decided to go ahead and do it last night. Jason got home and converted the crib to a toddler bed and then we went to Target to pick out some bedding. Jayden chose Lightning McQueen cars bedding. He was so excited after he picked it out that he was showing all the Target employees what he had and telling them about his new bed. On the way to the checkout counter he kept saying, "I tired, I sleepy, I need to go to bed". I was worried that he might not stay in his bed after I put him in it but he only got up one time to ask for some water! It was sweet to have him come into my room and wake me up this morning. He said, "Mama, I got up by myself!!". When I put him down for his nap he got up twice before he went to sleep. Once to use the potty and once to ask for some medicine (he has a molar coming in). Tonight when I put him to bed he didn't get up at all!
The potty training is going really well! The only times that he hasn't made it to the potty today were when he was sleeping and when we were at K-mart. The K-mart thing was probably my fault. I didn't remind him to go because I didn't want to have to deal with the public bathroom when I was by myself with two kids. But we did go out to dinner tonight and he told me that he needed to use the potty and made it without even wetting his pull-up! I have been very proud of him. We bought his first pair of big boy underwear this morning and he has worn them around the house. They are Bob the Builder underwear. I got the smallest size they had (2T) and they are about to fall off of him. My skinny boy!

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