Thursday, April 9, 2009


The background to this story is that we have been working really hard for a long time now to make sure that Jayden knows to say "please" and "thank you". Anytime that he demands something in an ugly way we say "how do you say that nicely?" to which he responds "pleeease".

We have been having some crazy weather lately. After wearing sunscreen and shorts on Sunday it was back to winter weather on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday it was snowing off and on all day and just really cold so we didn't go anywhere. Jayden had been bored out of his mind all morning which is typical on a day when we don't go "bye-bye". While he was eating lunch I was watching the snow and started feeling bad that we hadn't done anything. I said, "I'm sorry we haven't gotten to do anything today but the weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow" and he automatically said "pleeeease". It made me laugh:)

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