Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here Come the Clowns

Waiting for liftoff

Loving the helicopter

Jayden and Mckenzie patiently waiting for their turn

Driving the jeep with Mckenzie

Feeding the goats at the petting zoo
Tuesday night we decided to take Jayden to the Circus. Papaw and Heather were taking Mckenzie and Tristan and asked if Jayden wanted to come, too. We decided to just stick to the rides instead of actually sitting through the circus (since sitting still for longer than a minute is apparently impossible for Jayden). Poor Tristan was too little to ride any of the rides but seemed to have a great time anyway. Jayden rode the cars and the four-wheelers and the helicopters (several times each). Mckenzie rode everything with him except for the helicopters. I was very hesitant to let him go on the helicopters because they actually went pretty high up in the air and I was afraid he would get scared and start trying to get out. I was was his favorite ride of the night! He is still talking about the helicopters. He also got to go in the petting zoo which had goats, kangaroos, a porcupine and the "world's largest rodent" (which Jayden thought was a bunny rabbit and wasn't really that large yet). Squeaky the Clown rode by the petting zoo when we were on our way out and stopped to say hello. Mckenzie is not a fan of anything in costume so Jason had to rescue her and take her far away from him. But Jayden said "Hey clown!" and had no problem talking to him. Squeaky asked him if he wanted a banana and tried to hand him an empty banana peel. My child loves fruit of any kind so he really wanted that banana even though there was nothing left of it. So on top of the helicopters we are still discussing the clown's banana. We were all pretty tired by the end of the night but had a really great time together! Thanks Papaw and Heather!!

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