Thursday, April 9, 2009

Race Cars and Rocks

Sitting in Papaw's race car

Tristan, Mckenzie and Jayden watching the races
Sunday, we took Ben's race car to the drag strip in Calhoun. Jason had been a few times before but Jayden and I had always stayed at home because I was not sure how toddler friendly the drag races would be. We decided to try it this time since it might be the only time we could go before Brody is born. We had a really great day! We parked away from the drag strip so that it wasn't so loud and I brought snacks, toys, blankets and pillows. I opened up the back of the explorer and set up a play area for the kids and let them play while we watched the races. Even though we were parked as far the the strip as we could get we could still see most of what was going on. Jayden had a great time playing with his cousins and even got to sit in Papaw's race car and "drive". He spent a lot of time picking up rocks and throwing them in the grass. It doesn't take much to occupy him, apparently!

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