Thursday, April 9, 2009

Softball Begins

Getting sleepy

Playing with Daddy through the fence
Jason's softball season began, officially, last night. He plays for the Cleveland Shockers, his work team. They had an exhibition game a few weeks ago but it rained the whole time so Jayden and I didn't get to go. Jayden was really excited until he got there and he realized the he wasn't going to be able to play ball with the team. Then we had a full melt-down for about five minutes until Ashley suggested that Jason bring him an extra softball to play with. He still wasn't thrilled that he didn't get to go on the field with all the other boys but he played pretty happily the rest of the night. If you had asked me two years ago who one the game I could have told you every time, but not now. You'll have to get the score from Jason:)

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